Expungements Under 40-32-101(g)

Expunction of Record of Conviction – T.C.A. 40-32-101(g)

On July 1, 2012, a new law goes into effect that allows Tennessee residents convicted of certain crimes to be able to have that incident expunged from their records, pursuant to T.C.A. 40-32-101(g).

Only certain crimes are eligible for expunction; they must be non-violent, non-DUI and non-sexual crimes. Crimes eligible are most misdemeanors and some Class E felonies, including forgery, theft, vandalism, and fraudulent or false insurance claim, among others.

For a full list of crimes eligible/ non-eligible, please click the link below:

List of Crimes - Eligible/ Non-Eligible List of Crimes – Eligible/ Non-Eligible

Additional stipulations exist for those crimes which qualify:

  •  The individual must have no other convictions than the one under review, and
  • The individual must have completed all terms of his or her sentencing, paid all fines/ fees/ assessments, and
  • The individual have remained free of alcohol or substance abuse for one year, and
  • At least five years must have elapsed from the completion of the individual’s sentence, and
  • The individual must also pay a fee of $350 to the Clerk of the Court.

The full list of requirements is available by clicking the link below:

Full List of Requirements Full List of Requirements

If your conviction is among the eligible crimes, and you qualify for the stipulations, you can file a petition to have your record expunged at the Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk’s office.You must pay a non-refundable application fee of $350, plus a clerk’s fee of $100 to the Clerk of the Court where the conviction was entered at the time of filing the Petition