Victim & Witness Handbook

Dear Fellow Citizens,

For far too long the rights of victims, witnesses, and other honest citizens have been, at best, secondary in the eyes of the law to the rights of criminals. But victims and witnesses perform functions that are, in fact, much more important than those performed by judges, prosecutors, or defense counsel, and in my office this fact is acknowledged with more than lip service.

The District Attorney General’s office of the Eleventh Judicial District has a program in place to provide varying types of assistance to the victims of crime. The institution of this Web Site is only the newest aspect of a program which I believe provides proof positive that my staff and I are determined to provide assistance to victims in every way possible.

If you are or ever become the victim of a crime, we will make every effort to keep you advised and to help you make your way as your case progresses through the criminal justice system. Please feel free to call or visit with any questions or concerns you might have.

Very truly yours,
Bill Cox
District Attorney General